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RTEÜ.YP. 0004
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To make the necessary evaluations to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders, primarily the students and the employees, to make improvements based on stakeholder participation in education and research and development activities, and if necessary to make improvements,

To increase the motivation, effectiveness, and efficiency of the personnel, all activities and activities aimed at their professional and personal development to support the practices materially and morally,

To reflect a systematic analysis of the process and risk management application to increase the economic, effective, and efficient employment of resources in all activities,

To take preventive measures against possible occupational diseases and work accidents by creating a healthy and safe working environment,

To ensure that PUKO (plan, implement, control, take action) cycle is operated effectively by establishing the Quality Assurance System and quality culture in the institution,

An innovative, participatory, transparent, fair, questionable, accountable, and merit-based management model has been adopted.