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RTEÜ.AP. 0004
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To become an important information production center by

  • Contributing to the social, cultural, economic, scientific, and technological development of the region, the country, and all humanity by carrying out research activities at international standards with the motto of a university that produces knowledge and value,
  • Giving priority to multidisciplinary studies on tea with studies on cultivation, breeding, variety development, yield, quality, tea processing technologies, and alternative product concepts within the scope of the Strategic Plan and the "Regional Development Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization" program,
  • Supporting social development by performing qualified works in the aquaculture, fisheries, maritime transport, and tourism sectors, which are among the important dynamics of the region,
  • Continuously improving processes in order to increase and develop national and international cooperation,
  • Providing all kinds of support and opportunities to train the scientists of the future with graduate programs in accordance with the student-oriented education approach,
  • Providing the necessary infrastructure and resources to contribute to the planning and execution of quality and creative studies by researchers,
  • Taking account of regional, national and international priorities in scientific research activities, and encouraging innovative and creative approaches.