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Our university applies the following Quality Policy under the mission and vision of our university, and the objectives in the fields of education, research, entrepreneurship, development of institutional capacity, and social contribution determined in the strategic plan:

  • To meet the needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders in all processes with a participatory, sharing, and dynamic management approach by ensuring the active participation of our stakeholders in the Quality Assurance System,
  • To educate qualified individuals by updating their programs toward international standards in line with changing and developing needs with a student-oriented education approach,
  • To achieve consistent improvement in services and activities through the use of technological developments in line with national and international quality standards,
  • To ensure our university to be an essential information production centre considering the priorities of the region and the country in scientific research activities,
  • To develop social responsibility projects that act with the principle of social sensitivity and which reflect the conscience and voice of the society,
  • To transform quality into a culture with the understanding of Total Quality Management and to promote the approach “Plan - Do - Check - Act ” by supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.