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Our university, which aims to be a recognized university in the world, adopts and applies the following policy within the framework of Internationalization:

  • To increase the number of foreign language education in the educational programs and/ or to create programs whose medium of instruction is entirely in a foreign language,
  • To provide the necessary opportunity for the academic staff to increase their foreign language proficiency, to encourage and support foreign language education and programs,
  • To encourage academic staff to publish international publications, projects and so on. and to contribute to their development through periodical training,
  • To carry out the necessary studies to increase the number of qualified international students and lecturers through exchange programs and to ensure contributions to the interaction of different cultures,
  • To provide the necessary opportunity and support for the effective and efficient use of the Foreign Relations Office,
  • To provide consultancy services to international students and foreign academic staff, and to increase and improve their social facilities,
  • To adopt the principle of creating an internationalized curriculum; to carry out International Accreditation activities in all programs provided for education,
  • To carry out promotion, institutionalization, and branding activities in order to ensure the sustainability of internationalization,
  • To achieve consistent improvements in the access and quality levels of the University during the internationalization process.