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RTEÜ.EP. 0004
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        Preparing program and course contents by taking internal and external stakeholders’ views into consideration; creating an objective, transparent and effective evaluation system and achieving unity between program qualifications and course learning outcomes; enhancing students’ professional knowledge and skills by promoting cooperation between public, private sector, and industry to improve training and practice opportunities,

        Improving the competencies of the instructors to implement the education and training model that supports active learning, and providing education and training services up to international standards by carrying out accreditation studies in all programs,

        Contributing to the social, cultural, economic, scientific, and technological development of the region, country, and all humanity by conducting research activities up to international standards with students’ active participation,

       Providing rich library services by providing its students, instructors and researchers with electronic and printed information sources that qualify to support education, training, and research activities,

       By offering education and training services up to international standards with a student- centered education and training approach, raising individuals who inquire, research, learn, produce value through processing information, has application skills, meet the expectations of the labor market, and who are qualified and enterprising.